Local, Convenient Locations

The main benefit for patients choosing our service is convenience.

Not only can you find a location nearby to you, generally closer than visiting the ophthalmology department of your local hospital, but your appointment is also on a date and time to suit you from the start.

Usually, our waiting times are no more than 2 weeks, so you can be rest assured, you’ll be seen promptly.


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We can treat a range of conditions

Minor procedures, tests and examinations can be carried out by our team covering a wide range of eye conditions and problems.

Our treatments page provides you with information on the eye conditions we can see and a downloadable leaflet on how you can manage your condition effectively.

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Find your nearest community location

With over 50 locations across Central Lancashire, Blackpool, East Cheshire, Shropshire, Telford, Stoke, North Staffordshire and Hertfordshire we’ll have somewhere local to you, avoiding unneccessary travelling.

Our locations are more convienient than hospitals, many of which have free parking.