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“20 Voices for 2020” Campaign raises awareness of Sight Loss

The UK’s leading sight loss charity- Fight for Sight, launched its new campaign earlier this month, raising awareness of eyesight issues by sharing stories of people affected by sight loss.  In Fight for Sights own words, approximately 20% of people will experience sight degeneration or impairment throughout their lifetime, hence the “20 stories for 2020” campaign aims to share the first-hand, personal impact that sight loss is having daily in numerous lives. This also features the story of 15-year-old Rose Roberts, who was diagnosed with Stargadt macular dystrophy when she was seven years old.

Speaking about her sight loss, Rose said:

“When suffering from eye conditions it’s not only your vision that’s impaired, but also your ability to live your life easily”.

In doing so, the campaign hopes to deliver a clear message- that in taking eyecare seriously and with continued research into eyecare, patient wellbeing can be significantly improved.

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